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Berroco Weekend: A Detailed Yarn Review | KT and the Squid

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The wonderful people at Berroco provided the yarn for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are 100% mine and are not biased in any way.



Yarn Name





DK: 268 yds/100g, Worsted: 205 yds/100g, Chunky: 119 yds/100g

Fiber Content

75% acrylic, 25% Peruvian Cotton


DK/3/light, Worsted/4/medium, Chunks/5


Machine wash on gentile inside out, lay flat to dry



Where to purchase online

Amazon, Annie’s


From the Yarn Company

“Berroco Weekend is the perfect yarn for any laidback knitting project. A soft, comfortable machine washable blend, this yarn is uncomplicated from start to finish. ” See more on their website HERE.

Watch this video or read what I thought below!

Initial Thoughts

I really enjoyed the color Berroco sent. It’s a beautifully muted blue. On their site they have a wide range of colors from the more muted and neutral to the bright and fun.

Weekend is a cable plied yarn. In total there are 12 plies. This makes the yarn extremely strong. It’s an S on Z twist so you’re not going to get a lot of spring back but you will get wonderful stitch definition. The way the yarn is twisted makes me worry it might split.

The combination of the acrylic and cotton is wonderful. It’s soft, has a wonderful drape but it’s not overly heavy.

How it Works up

I balled an entire hank, found no knots or weird bits. It was really easy to crochet with my Fulrs Odyssey Hook because it has a nice blunt tip but knitting was more of a challenge. First I split the yarn quite a bit because I used a pretty sharp needle. Second, I had a hard time keeping an even tension (you can see the ladders on my durability swatch) because the yarn kept wanting to fly off the needles. I was really having to concentrate so a more intricate stitch pattern might not be the best idea with this yarn. I also suggest using needles and hooks with a blunt tip to avoid splitting the yarn.

Straight of the hook and needles the fabric was drapy and soft. I steam blocked my swatches and they got even softer and more drapy. So if you can get past the yarn splitting you’ll end up with a beautiful pattern. I think it was well worth it.

I love the stitch definition! It’s not a plump pop but there’s a nice square almost geometric pop in the stitches. You could have a lot of fun playing with this. Like I mentioned you get a lot of stretch but not a lot of spring back in the fabric. Great for drapy sweaters not for things like socks.


This is probably one of the best yarns I’ve tested so far!. I washed my swatch 3 times. The last time I accidentally threw it n the dryer. In between each wash I tried my hardest to get it to pill…I couldn’t. The yarn is exteremely durable!

After washing it’s just as soft as before. There was no color loss that I could detect. I call this a pass and I’m impressed!

Pattern Ideas

I think light weight sweaters and tops would be perfect for this yarn. You may want to avoid knitting intricate stitches but if you’re in doubt work up a swatch to see how much you need to concentrate.

You can pop over to Berroco’s website to view all the great pattern they have written just for Weekend.

Patterns for DK
Patterns for Worsted
Patterns for Chunky


Weekend is an extremely durable, light weight yarn. Knitting is a bit tricky as it wants to slip off on you but the finished fabric is light, soft and drapy. You can also see more Weekend by checking it out on Ravelry HERE

I hope you enjoyed this yarn review! You can browse more reviews HERE. Do you know of a yarn you’d like to see reviewed? Feel free to contact me HERE let me know what yarn you’d like to see and I’ll try to get my hands on some 🙂


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  1. Checked out the store locator on the site and there’s a spot 6 blocks from my eldest daughter’s home 🙂 I see yarn shopping in the future 🙂

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