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Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review | KT and the Squid

Lion Brand Heartland Yarn Review Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The wonderful people at Lion Brand provided the yarn for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are 100% mine and are not biased in any way.



Yarn Name



Lion Brand/made in the USA


Solids: 5oz/142g (251yd/230m)
Tweeds: 4oz/113g (200yd/183m)

Fiber Content

Solids: 100% Acrylic
Tweeds:  94% Acrylic, 6% Rayon




Machine wash, tumble dry.

Price Range


Where to purchase online

Amazon, Craftsy, Jo-Ann, Walmart

From the Yarn Company

“This sensationally soft, premium acrylic comes in heathered and tweedy shades inspired by the natural beauty of the American landscape.  The subtle shades of this yarn suggest landmarks like the Redwood Forest, the Everglades, and Yosemite National Park.  Made in America, Heartland® is an easy-care yarn that is perfect for garments, afghans and accessories.” See more on their website HERE.

Initial Thoughts

I’ve been using Lion Brand’s Heartland for quite a while now. In fact, it’s what I’m wearing in my profile picture! One thing that really drew me into this yarn was the color section. Heartland comes in soft heathers and lovely tweeds. When they are worked up it makes for a wonderful texture. Almost like a cobble stone look. The other reason I started using it so often is it’s affordable and really easy to find.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

Heartland is a 4 ply yarn. It has a nice sheen but the yarn is still plump and has a good mount of air in it. This give the fabric great drape without being too heavy.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review


The twist seems to have a little bit of spring back to it so it also give the fabric a nice spring as well.

How it Works up

I really like working with this yarn. Knitting and crochet. I’ve never had any issues with splitting. I’ve used this yarn a lot so I feel comfortable saying it’s a good quality yarn. I never seem to come across many knots and the thickness of the yarn is very consistent.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

Something I really enjoy about this yarn is the drape. Like I said, It drapes well but it’s not very heavy. It’s also nice and stretchy which is why I really like it for sweaters.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn ReviewLion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

I also enjoy the texture the yarn adds to stitches. It gives fabric an over all bumpy lumpy look. It makes for an interesting texture.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

Stitches are nice and light and plump. It’s fun to play with cables and as well as more open stitches. You really can’t go wrong!

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

To block this yarn I think it responds well to steam but I personally like to just throw it in the wash. Easy peasy!

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review


I washed and dried this swatch 5 times and rubbed it together in between each wash.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

I already knew this yarn would hold up well because my son, my daughter and I wear sweaters made out of it often. After the 5 washes a slight halo starts to form but not enough to start pilling. There’s no color loss and even without any kind of blocking it lays pretty flat.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

The Squid loves her My Favorite Crochet Pullover (as do I). She’s been wearing this sweater for over a year.

My favorite crochet pullover sweater pattern
I’ve washed it over and over and over…Probably more than I should have because she like to put her clothes in the hamper even if she only worn them for a few hours 😛

You can see the cuffs have seen the most wear but I still think it looks pretty great for as much love as it’s seen.

Lion Brand Heartland: A Detailed Yarn Review

Pattern Ideas

There’s a lot of great patterns out there using Heartland. I’ve designed quite a few.

My Favorite Crochet Pullover pattern
My Favorite Crochet Pullover
Burnside Cardigan crochet pattern
Burnside Cardigan (kids)
Woodland Hooded Vest crochet pattern by KT and the Squid
Woodland Hooded Vest

I really love the sweaters I’ve made. I think they have a modern look and the stretch and texture is amazing. I think a nice drapy shawl or wrap would be fun too. Really you could do almost any stitch. Even simple stitches pop with a cobble stone look and open stitches just add to the drape. It’s really versatile!

Click HERE to check out the patterns on Lion Brand’s website


Lion Brand’s Heartland is a great staple yarn you’ll return to again and again. It’s great for so many projects including garments, accessories and afghans. The heather and tweed look of the yarn adds a wonderful texture to any stitch. You can also see more Heartland by viewing it on Ravlery HERE

I hope you enjoyed this yarn review! You can browse more reviews HERE. Do you know of a yarn you’d like to see reviewed? Feel free to contact me HERE let me know what yarn you’d like to see and I’ll try to get my hands on some 🙂


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