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Furls Odyssey Hook: Review | KT and the Squid

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate likes. If you purchase something through these links I may receive a small percentage of the sale. The kind people of Furls provided me with the hooks for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are 100% mine. 

Edit (as of Jan. 6, 2016): In this review I mention I don’t like that the hooks aren’t labeled. Furls let me know that they have plans to release all Odyssey hooks with their letter and mm sizes printed on them in about 2 months (as well as introduce sizes B, C, and D) and anyone with an unsized hook will be able to trade it in for a sized hook! Great news! 

I’ve been eyeing Furl’s hooks for quite some time now but at almost $80 a hook they were just out of my price range. That’s why when I saw their new Furls Odyssey hooks this Summer I got really excited. They are just as beautiful and luxurious as their hand crafted wood hooks but at $29.99 they are much more affordable. I also love that they are still hand made in the US with quality materials.

First Impressions

When I got my hooks in the mail and opened them up my first thought was, “Wow, how simply beautiful!” Then I thought, “Wow, they’re big!” I picked them up and I’m not going to lie, I thought they were really heavy (don’t worry, it gets better!). The hooks are about 6″ long and a little over .5″ wide at it’s widest in the grip. The grip is made of a black resin and the neck is nickel-plated pewter.

I was a little disappointed the hooks themselves are not labeled. I got a G and an H hook I could see my self easily mixing them up. The hooks came in nice boxes that are marked with the size. They’re pretty and all but a little clunky for storage in my opinion. I think I might take two different colored beads or something and glue them onto the bottom of the hook so I can store them out of the boxes and not worry about mixing them up.

Working With the Hooks

Like I said, I was worried they were too heavy and large. I’ll be honest, it felt a bit clunky at first but once I got past the first or second row of my first swatch it was heaven! Don’t think these are just good old aluminum hooks with a nice resin handle slapped on. First, the nickel-plated pewter neck glides through yarn like butter. I tried cotton, acrylic, wool and a linen blend. All slid absolutely beautifully over the neck.  Second the resin handle is strong! They say it will take almost half a metric ton of force to break it.

Furls odyssey hook review

I love cluster stitches and I don’t know about you but I can almost never get through a cluster without the hook catching in the yarn as I pull that last yarn over through. Guess what? With the Odyssey I had no problems with this. I couldn’t believe it, the hook came right through all the yarn overs and no struggling to get it out! That alone was exciting enough for me to get over the no size labels. I can see why they claim on their website that the hooks will help you crochet faster.

The more I worked, the more I felt the weight wasn’t an issue at all. I have fairly small hands and I was worried the whole hook would overwhelm my hand but it actually fit very nicely in my hand. After working one swatch I had no pain in my hands. I could see myself crocheting with these for a long time without any issues.

Furls odyssey hook review


Upon first impressions I wasn’t too sure about these hooks but they really grew on me and lived up to the hype on the Furls website. I was a little disappointed they are not labeled with the size but I can see these hooks allowing me to crochet longer and faster. Overall,  think they are a wonderful product and worth every penny.

To purchase your Furls Odyssey hook click HERE


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10 thoughts on “Furls Odyssey Hook: Review | KT and the Squid

  1. I love your reviews! They are always so thorough and I really appreciate you opinion. I was on the fence about these hooks and still at the price of $29 is too much for me to afford right now. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  2. Gorgeous hooks. Thank you for the great review and honest opinion. Would love to be able to treat myself to one of these hooks but not here at Christmas time.

  3. Katy, I love your reviews! I know I can trust your opinions. I’ve never used a fancy hook before. Also, let me tell you how much I love your patterns! I’m on my way to making all of the adult patterns (sometimes twice). Simple construction, easy and stylish are all tops on my list. Thank you for all your hard work!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. I have one of these and also thought at first the weight would be an issue, but after using it I love it as much as all my other furls hooks.

  5. Anytime I start to crochet I think about Furl’s crochet hooks. I have arthritis in my hands and I’m always looking to try new things that will help with the pain. Like most of us their hooks are just not in the budget. I would be thrilled to try an Odessey Hook! Thanks for the review and happy holidays!

  6. What a great review, I love the look of furls hooks and have wondered like you if they were heavy or cumbersome. Thank you for hosting a wonderful giveaway as well.

  7. What a wonderful and beautiful hook. This is perfect for me love love loveThanks so much for the chance

  8. Wow!!!! I just learned I won the hooks!!!Thank you,thank you, thank you again 🙂

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