Katula Cardi Crochet Pattern | KT and the Squid

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I’m so excited to introduce the Katula Cardi!

Katula Cardi Crochet cardigan pattern by kt and the squid

This design was a labor of love. I can’t say it was without any hiccups but I am in love with the end results.

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Katula Cardi Crochet pattern release and yarn giveaway

The Katula Cardi is belted cardigan (although I like the way it looks without the belt just as much). I can’t say it’s the easiest pattern I’ve ever written but anyone with a little experience with garments shouldn’t have an issue. The skill level is intermediate according to the Craft Yarn Council standards. If you’re following along with my Kram Cardi CAL this would be the perfect garment to try as a next step up.

Katula Cardi Crochet pattern release and yarn giveaway

You can find plus sizes HERE.

Bust: 28”(32”, 36”, 40”) Finished bust: 32”(36”, 40”, 44”). Garment modeled in size S on a 35”” bust.

Katula Cardi Crochet pattern release and yarn giveaway

For my sample I used Cascade 220. You will need 5(6, 6, 7) hanks of color A (8400) and 1 hank of color B (2401).

You can find yarn for a great price through Craftsy and Amazon.

Click HERE to purchase now for $4.99!


278 thoughts on “Katula Cardi Crochet Pattern | KT and the Squid”

  1. Another stunning cardi! I am working on my Kram cardi right now but Katula is next on the list for sure! I would make one in light and dark grey for my sister, for myself I have to wait for the plus sizes 😉

  2. I love the dark heather gray and dark red that you used or, perhaps, a dark red for the sweater with black stripes! 🙂 Thank you!!!

  3. The link to ravelry is taking me to a Google search page rather than ravelry.
    This would be gorgeous in Black with Red or Gray stripes but would be equally beautiful in Cream with Olive Green stripes.

  4. I have 4 daughters so I would be making it in all different colors! Definitely dk grey/light grey, blues, purples, greens. And the of course for me in a color I don’t use for the girls. 🙂

  5. Hello Katy,

    I’ve just downloaded the pattern.
    I’m from Belgium and I just want to know if I use the American SC or the one from the UK?

    Thanks !

  6. This is the prettiest cardi I have seen in a long time! This one I will be making for myself, in gray and plum for accent color. ♡

  7. This isbeautiful! I am looking forward to making this when I’m finished with Kram Cardi! Well done! I would be making this in black and white(running through) for a modern look. 😀

  8. This is such a beautiful pattern! I think these colors suit it perfectly, so I’d make it in grey and red just like in the picture.

  9. I love the colors you used! Purple is my favorite color so I could also see it in a gray/dark purple combo. I also like the idea of ivory and beige that some have suggested…so many possibilities! 🙂

  10. This is so pretty! I think I would make mine in grey with blue ombré accent colors or a pretty shade of brown with autumn accent colors.

  11. Love this design!! I will probably make mine in either gray and a deep red accents, similar to the picture, or in chocolate brown with turquoise or teal accents!

  12. If we purchase the pattern now will we have access to the plus sizes when it’s released or will it be a separate purchase?
    Also any estimated release date on curvy crochet?

    1. It’s a separate pattern. If you need plus sizes wait until that pattern is ready. I’ll share it on m Facebook page 🙂

  13. I love your designs. I’m going to make this in the same colors your made because they’re perfect for a fall Arkansas Razorback football game. Woo pig sooie!

  14. So pretty! I’ve been searching for the last few months for the perfect cardigan, and could never find something I really loved. When I came across this, I knew that this was “the one”. I”ll be making mine in charcoal and an off white/cream colour for the first one… I may or may not have a list of colour combinations going for future ones!! Thank you so much!

  15. I’ve never wanted to make myself a garment more than I do today. I absolutely love this!! It is just my style and the colors are lovely too. I wouldn’t change a thing!

  16. I usually make everything with pink being the main color but I LOVE how you have gray as the main color in your cardigan!! It goes with so many outfits!! So I think I would like to do one in gray with pink as an accent!!!
    Off to purchase the pattern!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  17. I adore this. I have not made many articles of clothing but this is on my list. I would make it in the same colors as you or blue with cream It’s gorgeous!

  18. I am so getting this one too 😀 I can’t wait till Friday. Payday. lol I’ll probably make this is blue and gray or maybe blue and pink.

  19. I love the colors you used so I would definitely make one with those colors. I would also do a Grey and blue. The color possibilities are endless though.

  20. I love that charcoal/red combo. I would probably use blue for the contrasting although I can see using a beige or white for the main color as well!

  21. I would make mine gray! I love everything gray.

    This is gorgeous. One question though, approximately how long would it take to make this? Thank you!

  22. I love your patterns, Katy! Currently making two of your hoodies for my little guy for Christmas and thinking Santa might have to make me this one too… I am a sucker for a good cardigan!!

  23. Beautiful yarn that I have been dying to try. Thank you so much for providing this lovely pattern to us at a discount! I would probably go with the color Vinci with Celery for the accent.

  24. I am in love with this!!! I’ve been looking for a cardigan pattern for myself for a very long time! I think it would look amazing in gray & green. I’m going to have to give this a try!! Well done!

  25. I would make the cardi either purple and gray or gray and purple. It is very cute! Going to have to wait for the plus sizes before I can get started.

  26. Teal with black accent! or purple with black accent, or black with purple accent. or black with hot pink accent. OMG! i can’t decide!!!

  27. super cute! I think this would be lovely with a neutral color and then a small pop of color similar to what you did. I’m thinking a blue or orange pop of color would be nice an fall like though!

  28. I love this! I’m working on the Kram Cardi CAL right noe, but this is definitely going on my to do list. I’d make it just like it is. Crimson and gray are our school colors.

  29. I can’t wait for this to come out in the larger sizes! I would probably make it in gray, so that I could wear it with everything.

  30. I just picked up 6 hanks of the 220 in red paint for the Kram cardi, now I will have to get some more since I love this look too.

  31. I wear greens and purples quite a bit so the first one, I think I would do a deep piney green for the main color and then a deep purple for the second. After that, I might make a more neutral one. 🙂

  32. Love the cardi, it doesn’t say if the giveaway is for International entries, I will understand if it isn’t but have entered anyway. I wouldn’t do it in grey, my hair is grey, maybe grey as contrast, but I would love it in cream and red.

    1. Carol, it’s in the terms and conditions but it is US residents only. When you click to enter there’s a check mark saying you agree to the terms and conditions. You can click on them to read them.

  33. I love the colors you used. If I must choose other colors, I would try black with white or brown with blue or a solid worth a complimentary solid color.

  34. I adore the colour combination used! It is something I would’ve chosen myself. I would also love to try it with grey and navy blue and maybe grey and light pink.

  35. This is a gorgeous cardigan <3 I think my colour scheme would have to be shades of purple or teal and pink. I do think this would look great in so many colour schemes though!

  36. Gorgeous design :). Not sure what I’d choose for mine colourwise but I think I might be tempted to go grey and purple. I think grey can be a lovely neutral colour and I love grey and purple together so I think it could look really good. So many lovely colour combos to choose from though!

    1. Can’t seem to delete my comment. I made a mistake with my email address on this one, not this reply but the message I’m replying too.

      Also I did two comments, I usually do all mine under bedcrafter but then I realised if rafflecopter checks I left a comment they wouldn’t see the same email address. Hope I’m making sense 🙂 and this is OK.

      Rosie 🙂

  37. I think I’m going to make one with red as the main color and white as the accent color. I have to wait till the pattern comes out in Curvy Crochet this fall though! Can’t wait.

  38. I love this Cardi!!!!! I would probably make on in blue seeing it’s one of my favorite colors. I would probably make some for each season.

  39. Another simply gorgeous design! I would love to make this in navy blue as the main colour and silver grey as the highlights! Thanks for the opportunity of winning the yarn to make it 🙂

  40. I really like the combo of colors that you chose. I might like to try a heather gray with black coordinating, or a dark gray with a heather gray. The possibilities are endless.

  41. I absolutely love the gray that you picked but I think I would use mint for my stripes. Thanks for the chance to win. I can’t wait to make this cardigan! It really is beautiful and I can’t believe it is crochet.

  42. Super cute cardigan! I’ve favorited it on Ravelry so I’ll remember it when I get the time to make myself a much-needed cardigan. 😉 For colors…Maybe black or brown with dark green…I think that would go with a lot of my clothes.

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