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Cloud Dance Tote: Free Crochet Pattern | KT and the Squid

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This tote is worked using 2 strands of yarn so it works up quickly. A simple lining would be an easy addition but the stitch is so dense you may not even need it. Makes for a great bag to carry around. Give as a gift or make it to sell.

Cloud Dance Tote

By Katy Petersen

Cloud Dance Tote Free Crochet Pattern

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2 colors of Worsted weight yarn (approx. 420 yards)

  • You will use 2 strands held together for the bag and one strand for the ruffles.
  • I have used Bernat Super Value for the bag pictured.

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K hook

Yarn needle


Stitch marker (optional)

Abbreviations (click on stitches for instructions)

Ch = chain

St = stitch

sk = skip

Ss = slip stitch

Sc = single crochet

BL-sc = back loop single crochet

Dc = double Crochet

Rev sc = reverse single crochet (crab stitch)


Approx. 11 sts by 10 rows = 4” square

*Gauge is not important for this project but if you’d like the exact measurements be sure to check your gauge.


Finished bag is approx 13” by 10” (laying flat, not including the handles).


Special Stitches

Back Loop Single Crochet (BL-sc): Insert hook into the back loop of the stitch indicated, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook.

*Be sure to check out my video How to Work the BL-sc: a better way!

Reverse Single Crochet (rev sc): Insert hook into the previous st (to the right), yo, pull up a loop twisting the hook around to face upwards, yo, pull through remaining 2 loops on hook. Video HERE

*If you are left-handed you will work the rev sc to the left.


  • Please read ALL instructions before beginning.
  • For this bag you will be holding two strands of yarn together.
  • I have used 2 colors and have labeled them MC (main color) and CC (contrasting color).
  • The bag will be worked as one piece in the rounds, at the end of each round you will join with a ss into the first st of the round. The ch 1 at the beginning of the round does not count as a st.
  • You may find it helpful to use a stitch marker (especially at the beginning of the bag) to mark your first st in the round.
  • Instructions for the ruffles are in the Finishing section. You will not be adding the “ruffles” until after you finish the base of the bag.
  • The “ruffles” will be worked into the unworked front loop stitches left behind by the round 5.



*Remember to use 2 strands of yarn held together.

With MC ch 34

Round 1 – Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in the next 31 chs, 2 sc in the last ch, continue working on the opposite side of the ch, sc in the next 32 chs, join. (66)

Round 2-4Ch 1, sc in every st around, join. (66)

Round 5 – Ch 1, BL-sc in every st around, join. (66)

Round 6-7 – Ch 1, sc in every st around, join. (66)

Change to CC

Round 8 – Ch 1, sc in every st around, join. (66)

Change to MC

Repeat rounds 2-8 two more times.

Repeat rounds 2-5 one more time.

Do NOT fasten off.
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Round 1 – Ch 1, sc in the first 10, ch 35, sk 20, sc in the next 13, ch 35, sk 20, sc in the next 3, join. (26sc plus 2 large ch spaces).

Round 2 – Ch 1, sc in the first 10 sts, sc 35 times in the ch space (around the chs not in the ch stitches), sc in the next 13 sts, sc 35 times in the ch space, sc in the next 3 sts, join. (96)

Round 3 – Ch 1, sc in every st around, join. (96)

Round 4 – Ch 1, Rev sc in every st around, join. (96)
Cloud Dance Tote Free Crochet Pattern

Finishing Ruffles

Your bag will now look like this.


Cloud Dance Tote Free Crochet Pattern

To add the ruffles, place the bag in front of you with the bottom closest to you and the handles furthest away.

Locate the rows where you worked the BL-scs (this is where you will add the ruffles). Starting with any round, choose any unworked front loop (I go close to the seam). To start the round, insert your hook from bottom to top as shown and follow the instructions for the ruffle round.

Cloud Dance Tote Free Crochet Pattern Cloud Dance Tote Free Crochet Pattern

You will now use 1 strand of yarn.

Ruffle RoundJoin with CC, ch 1, *sk 2 sts, dc 6 times in next, sk 2 sts, ss in next; repeat from * around (your last ss will be worked into the same st you worked the 1st ch in), join.

*Tip: watch out for the ss join. This may look like a stitch as you’re working around. Don’t let it fool you.

This photo shows what it looks like after working a few “ruffles”. You will notice the wrong side of the sts are facing out. Not to worry that’s how it should be.

Cloud Dance Tote Free Crochet Pattern


Fasten off weave in all ends and add a lining if you’d like.



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