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How to Crochet in the Round and Turn

You will find there are a few ways to crochet in the round. Some patterns (such as those in my Crunchy Set) will call for you to join and then turn your work. When you first do this you may wonder, “Where do I place my first stitch?” I have made a simple video illustrating how to do this.

In the video I forget to mention that the last stitch of the round looks different because there is a slip stitch (from where you joined) in it. Also, I mention you may want to use a stitch marker. This would be to mark the first stitch of the round. If you are pretty new to crochet when you first start working in the round it may be hard to tell where your first stitch is. A stitch marker will help you keep track 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to Crochet in the Round and Turn

  1. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! This was something I had been struggling with and your instructions made it very clear and easy to follow.

    1. Thank you!

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