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Yarn Storage: Part 2

Anyone else ever a little overwhelmed with their yarn stash? I’m starting slow today by just tackling part my stash (these photos don’t even show half of it!) I gathered most of my new skeins put them in the living room and asked the kids to put them in the basket. While I was upstairs getting more I guess they realized it wasn’t going to fit so the improvised and found some more boxes. Looks like they gave up all together and started playing with it. I have to admit, I had a bit of a Mommy Dearest moment when I saw one of the labels was ripped off (ok, it wasn’t that bad, lol).

Yes, the Squid is still in her jammies. Hey, it’s Saturday and we all can’t look fabulous ALL the time.
Yarn storage KT and the Squid

After they learned an important lesson of not taking the labels off I let them help me sort the colors (which is why it’s a little off). I’m actually surprised it all fit with some room to spare. I’m not sure what to do with the extras on the bottom in the middle though. I might just put  a basket there for them.

yarn storage

Here’s a better view of the shelves inside. They’re pretty small but the shelves in the back are perfect for larger skeins and the ones in the doors are just the right size for the smaller skeins. It’s like it was meant to be.

Yarn storage

yarn storage

The sad thing is I have so much more yarn upstairs that needs a home. I have two side tables that will hold some but I think the rest will have to go in a spare room. I just have to sort through it all :/
How do you like to sort your yarn? For the most part I just do it by color because most of what I have is worsted acrylic and it makes it easier to find what I need for orders.

8 thoughts on “Yarn Storage: Part 2

  1. Right now most of my yarn is sorted in cardboard boxes….my craft room is a disaster right now…i’m still looking for a good system (especially for the partial skeins)

    1. That’s a problem I have too. These fit nice because their new skeins but I’m not sure what to do with the rest.

  2. This is how some of my yarn is organized I don’t know how to add the pic! There is a black book case to the right and it really is the best way i have found so far! I mostly sort by color but some I sort by brand/ kind of yarn if I bought a ton of it at a clearance sale or something! With all this space it still doesn’t hold or fit all my yarn! Scary!

    1. Nice! That looks closer to the actual size of my stash…maybe more, lol.

  3. I also use a wine rack. It does bot hold the 1 pound skeins, but it works great for others.

  4. Wow!! Iam really envious of ALL of you and your stashes!! And Iam told I have alot when mine might be a total of24-36 skeins totally??!! Iam jealous!!but I was happy when I joined a CAL and went ‘shopping’ in my storage bags I already had!!wont cost me a penny on this shopping trip!!
    Love all your stashes!!

    1. Lol, thanks!
      Most of my stash is from when I was doing custom orders. My “personal stash” is probably less than half of all of it.
      It’s nice to have a little yarn store in your house when you just NEED to start a new project 🙂

  5. I thought I had my yarn stash semi organized in large plastic storage bins that took up about half the closet in my craft room ( also have a huge stash of beads, jewelry supplies ,gourds and displays). Then my hubby called me from a flea market that someone had a lot of yarn for sale…a pick up truck full was between 800 and 1000 skeins…plus stacking storage bins…naturally I bought it all for $300….and I still have to buy yarn for special projects…and we all know there are a lot of them

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